"We are living a public life on a global stage, the ones who can express themselves best, will be heard." -Laura Hill, Author The Great Story World Mix-Up, co-creator #whatisschool

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Laura Hill at student assembly
#Whatisschool is one of those forums that sprang up organically and took off like wildfire. That can only mean one thing, the ideas and topics discussed are immensely important to you and thousands of educators around the globe.

I initially joined Twitter to align ideas for  The Great Story World Mix-Up, a book series I write with my daughters, with the needs of educators.  I was surprised to find teachers teaming together to navigate navigate a raging tech sector that was changing everything in its wake, including education.  To me this change is exciting! The downside I found is my daughter’s education is not keeping pace.

You're crafting my child's future
With a fire lit, I decided to form a chat that focused on re-imaging the future of education and asked Craig Kemp  to join me .  Together we created #whatisschool.

Use this space #whatisschool and www.whatisschool.org to connect with innovative educators and concerned persons from around the globe, all are welcome to come grow their PLN! We gather on Twitter each Thursday at 7PM EDT to discuss ways to make school better for students, educators and parents with innovative topics like edtech, global classrooms, mindset, and practical real world applications.  Scroll down to view past topics in the archives then connect with the people who interest you.

I would love to hear your ideas about how to grow #whatisschool to better assist educators.  I am available to speak at your school or conference, to your teachers or student body.  Together, with the thousands of educators who tune in each week, we can re-imagine school to be an amazing place of learning and discovery for everybody. -Laura 
email me at laurahillbooks@gmail.com or tweet me @candylandcaper

Chat times for around the world are:
Thursday 4pm Pacific Time
Thursday 6pm Central Time
Thursday 7pm EDT
Thursday 11pm GMT
Friday 7am Singapore/WA (Perth) Time
Friday 9am AEST

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