"We are living a public life on a global stage, the ones who can express themselves best, will be heard." -Laura Hill Timpanaro, Artist, Author, Educator

The Great Story World Mix-Up Books

An Early Reader Chapter Book Series

Penelope and Jilly are sisters who are different as night and day.  Jilly is a fairytale expert who thinks magic is the key to any solution, while Penelope prefers the real world, solving her problems with logic and science. 

When they discover a secret room in the old library they never imagine they’d find a magical globe that would take them to Story World, a place where all the stories ever written come to life. But their adventure takes a turn for the worse when they accidentally break the globe into a million puzzle pieces, releasing an evil wizard. 

With a changeling dog as their guide and the Evil Wizard on their tail they find themselves hopping between mixed-up stories where they meet some really cool characters and some super evil villains. Penelope and Jilly discover how to use their talents to work together and help their new friends as they try to put Story World back together again.

Great Story World Mix-Up books help children discover their unique talents as they assist Penelope and Jilly on their adventures in Story World. Teacher's resources include PBL projects that encourage students to use their talents to work together as they explore important themes with characters from classic literature, famous heroes and ancient times.  Students are inspired by my co-author daughters and love it when we Skype into classrooms or visit your school.

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Laura Hill is the author of the Great Story World Mix-Up children's books and co-creator of #whatisschool, a weekly twitter forum every Thursday night 7PM EDT. Contact now. 

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