"We are living a public life on a global stage, the ones who can express themselves best, will be heard." -Laura Hill Timpanaro, Artist, Author, Educator

Meet Laura Hill

Meet Laura Hill 
Author| Illustrator| Global Thought Leader| Student Champion

Growing up in a family of educators and engineers I learned quickly that I could take my talents and apply what I knew to create fantastic things.  It was a lesson I never forgot. It led to an on-air career infused with technology, writing, creating and helping youth share their ideas with the world.

Now, with my own children in a school system that is rapidly changing with the growing technology sector, I clearly see the need for schools, teachers, administrators and communities to embrace the changes technology brings so students will have the skills they need to succeed and lead in a communications based work force.

Over 65% of the jobs your students will do have not been created yet.  Old models of education based on an building skills for an industrial workforce no longer work.

My goal is two-fold, to help teachers navigate the changing education landscape and help students gain the confidence they need to get their ideas into the world, like my daughters and I did when we wrote the Great Story World Mix-Up book series.  

With the help of my award winning twitter chat #whatisschool, a global PLN and partnerships around the world I've been able to test my views and learn from thousands of teachers around the world.

To book a conference, school visit or keynote or to get more information contact me at laurahillbooks@gmail.com

Laura Hill is the author of the Great Story World Mix-Up children's books and co-creator of#whatisschool, a weekly twitter forum Thursday night 7PM EDT. You can tweet to her @candylandcaper or email LauraHillBooks@gmail.com

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Laura Hill is the author of the Great Story World Mix-Up children's books and co-creator of #whatisschool, a weekly twitter forum every Thursday night 7PM EST. You can tweet to her @candylandcaper or email LauraHillBooks@gmail.com

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