"We are living a public life on a global stage, the ones who can express themselves best, will be heard." -Laura Hill Timpanaro, Artist, Author, Educator


When I started What Is School? in 2014, I wanted to create a place where educators could go to share ideas.  Technology was rapidly transforming every industry and education was next.  I saw my own children languishing in outdated teaching models geared towards an industrial society that had been replaced by a communication revolution.  My hope was that through sharing teachers, not corporations, would lead the integration of technology into scholastic models helping students build skills that would serve them on a global stage where communication was king and those who could express themselves the best would achieve.  In partnership, I created the award winning Twitter forum for educators #whatisschool, a platform where educators from around the world could discuss and share ideas about anything education.  Weekly guided chats provided opportunities to share strategies surrounding new teaching models and the use of technology.  In 2017 I left #whatisschool to continue to pursue my core objective, helping teachers guide the technology revolution as it transforms education to the benefit of students first, not the enrichment of corporations.

Now, as we barrel towards a future that more and more seems to outpace classroom strategies, I invite you to join me in recreating, rethinking and reimagining, What Is School?  

Laura Hill Timpanaro is an artist, educator and student advocate.  Her experience as an educator lies in general education, leadership and special education with a concentration in children at risk, autism and the severely disabled.  Through art and inclusion she has helped students create positive self image, has keynoted in schools and LISEC and can be scheduled for motivational speaking engagements as well as educational workshops.  As an author, Laura has penned ten first grade chapter books with her author illustrator daughters in a series called The Great Story World Mix-Up.  Together Laura and her family have inspired hundreds of students to get their own great ideas into the world.  Laura currently shows her contemporary artwork in Brooklyn, Long Island and the Hamptons.  She is represented by Sidewalk Alley Art Gallery and her work can be purchased at The Shelf in Port Jefferson.  Please visit www.lhillart.com for more information.

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