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Friday, August 31, 2018

#Whatisschool Thursday, March 2, 2017 6pm EST
Creativity in the classroom, a tool for educators and future leaders.

What if the classroom you imagine was suddenly yours, what would it be like? 

How would you put the wheels in motion to create your classroom? Who would you enlist to help?

Entertainers, The Blue Man Group, sensing a gap in how schools operated strove to bring their love of creativity and inquiry to the classroom by creating the NYC based BlueMan School.  As part of the curriculum, students in grades 2 to 8 come up with ways to improve recycling, create 3D models of New York City, and fix home appliances.  It's a system of "dynamic learning" where students are taught that creating and implementing novel ideas is a critical set of skills.

What critical set of skills would you like to see implemented in your school?  And how can creativity be used not just artistically, but as a mindset through which educators seek out new ways to bring their ideas to life? 

This Thursday join me, Laura Hill (@candylandcaper) and celebrated educator and guest host Mark Weston (@shiftparadigm) as #whatisschool explores ways to implement "out-of-the-box" education that fosters creativity and won’t make you go out of your mind.

Questions #whatisschool Thursday March 2, 2017

1) How can you apply creativity to education to find new and better ways to teach students?

2) What resources could you use to help students and educators bring creative learning to life?

3) How can you foster and sustain a culture of creative learning in your classroom? 

4) How can you integrate a culture of creative problem solving into faculty meetings, PD days and peer-to-peer learning?

5) What resources, technologies, experts, entities or celebrities could you enlist to model and bring a culture of creativity to life in your classroom?

6) What is the singular, critical change you could make today that would make the classroom you envision a reality?

Got a creative school?  We want to know!  Post a link to your school's creativity in the comments section below and share it with the #whatisschool PLN and the world!  No idea is ever too big or too small and besides, one small seed can grow a mammoth tree.

Here are some of our favorites https://tinyurl.com/glx8h2n

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