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Thursday, September 20, 2018

#WHATISSCHOOL Thursday, September 21, 7PM EST


Parents and families are a child’s first teachers, supporters, coaches, cheerleaders, tutors, confidantes, conspirators and advocates. They are the experts about their children and the authors of what they want for their future.

But when it comes to school, families are often left out of the discussion regarding the needs of their children in receiving the best education possible. 

Throughout the scholastic experience many parents can list examples of the positive and negative impact scholastic policy, social engagement, cultural understanding and teaching strategies have had on their children.  These experiences often leave parents frustrated, and they are compelled to advocate for their children but are left feeling shut out and helpless when they do.  

Stress and harmonic imbalance at home can decrease student's ability to enjoy school and perform to the best of their abilities.  So what can we, as educators do?

Join me Laura Hill @candylandcaper this Thursday, September 21 at 7pm EST as #whatisschool welcomes co-host and family learning expert John MacLeod, Community Manager at NCFL, @Wonderopolis. along with ELA Consultant, Wonder Lead Ambassador, #NYEDChat Moderator, Carol Varsalona, @cvarsalona @cvarsalona as we explore ways to increase family, student and community engagement in the learning process.

#WHATISSCHOOL Thursday, September 21, 7PM EST 

Q1 How can you integrate cultural values into lessons learned in school?

Q2 How can family or community input bring added value to in-school lessons?

Q3 How can technology bridge the gap between what students learn at home and in school?

Q4 What role does global citizenship play in reinforcing values at home and in school?

Q5 How can families and teachers work together to create lessons that improve their community?

Q6 How can students lead in collaborative programs between schools and communities?

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