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Monday, April 3, 2017

#whatisschool “Exploring Genius Time in Schools"

What is School? “Exploring Genius Time in Schools"

Thursday April 6, 2017 7PM EDT

From Craig Kemp,

#whatisschool continuously inspires me – every week I come away with new ideas, new connections, and new learning! I am excited to be back again this week with the amazing Laura Hill.
This week we are looking at Genius time / Genius hour in schools and we will be discussing what it looks like, how people fit it in, the benefits of utilizing this concept and sharing resources of successes and failures in doing so.
We wanted to give you a pre-chat video this week that supports our topic. We love Derek Sivers and this video entitled “Obvious to you. Amazing to others”, sums up a lot of the work that we do in Genius time and we want you to use it as inspiration to bring your ideas to our chat this week.

Join #whatisschool this week to talk about Genius Time and its role in schools.

Remember that our chat times for around the world are: (updated 30 March 2017)
  • Thursday 4pm Pacific Time
  • Thursday 6pm Central Time
  • Thursday 7pm ET 
  • Thursday 11pm GMT
  • Friday 12am CET
  • Friday 7am Singapore/WA (Perth) Time
  • Friday 9am AEDT
  • Friday 11am NZT
Make sure you put this week’s chat in your diary and if you are not already signed up to our ‘Remind’ notifications – click here. We will send you an email or a FREE SMS just before our chat begins :)
Join the conversation on Thursday 6 April 7pm ET (Thursday 11pm GMT, Friday 9am AEDT, 11am NZT, 7am Singapore) as we discuss What Is School? #whatisschool 
Questions #whatisschool, April 6, 2017 7PM EDT
1) In your day to day work, what is obvious to you but amazing to others?
2) How do you inspire students & staff to share their ‘obvious’?
3) What does Genius time/hour look like in your school?
4) How do you integrate Genius Time into your already packed timetable?
5) What are the benefits and what are some examples of student work during Genius time?
6) What is your ONE piece of advice for someone about to start Genius time?

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