"We are living a public life on a global stage, the ones who can express themselves best, will be heard." -Laura Hill Timpanaro, Artist, Author, Educator

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Art as Inspiration #whatisschool

Last night at #whatisschool we shared ways to bring your creativity to the classroom.  My whole life has revolved around creative expression and its application to art, movies, television, publishing and most recently education.  As my own daughters move through the scholastic system during this amazing time of upheaval and technological revolution I continually find them, and myself, straddling a line between old and new ways of teaching, learning and expression.  What I am finding is both are needed and necessary to inspire, create and to get great ideas into the world.  Thank you ALL for your inspiration last night #whatisschool, especially my co-host @shift paradigm who also is exploring his own truth through creative expression.  I encourage you all to take a moment to pause today, close your eyes and consider what inspires you.  That one moment of quiet may give you insight and inspiration that will spread like wildfire to those you influence today.  Please support the arts and the dreamers who let their secret thoughts out of their heads for all the world to love, hate, cheer and reject.  It tales strength and it helps us grow as individuals and transformers in our communities.

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