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Tuesday, March 7, 2017

#Whatisschool, Thursday March 9, 6 PM EST
Learning Through Shared Experience

Get Students Talking About Their Experiences.

"Many students learn new material by connecting it to what they already know. If a teacher gets a sense of that knowledge base (which often grows out of and rests on experience) it’s a lot easier to make good connections between what students know and what they need to learn." says Dr Mary Ellen Weimer, editor of The Teaching Professor and TheTeachingProfessor.com

And she's right.

Connecting education with real world experiences is a powerful step in learning and applying skills especially in modern teaching arenas that incorporate multiple pedagogies as well as strategies to that include technology and the exploration of an ever shrinking and diverse world.

But both teachers and students can be uncomfortable with shared learning experiences.  While some don't want to participate, others may feel their experiences are simply irrelevant to the lesson therefore making their input invalid. Still others may be intimidated by the enthusiasm of their peers and fear diving in lest they be judged by their mistakes or express a viewpoint that is unpopular.

So how can teachers and students harness the power of shared experience to create deeper understanding and enhance learning?

Join me Laura Hill (@candylandcaper) and Mark Weston (@shiftparadigm) Thursday March 9, 6PM EST as #whatisschool explores modern and not so modern teaching strategies that get students talking and elevates learning through participation in shared experience.

Questions #whatisschool Thursday, March 9 6PM EST

1)How can teachers and students use mobile technology to share learning experiences?

2)How can self initiated and self directed education be used to enrich student learning and the sharing of experiences?

3)How can virtual and online learning transform the classroom in a global collaboration hub?

4)How can STEAM and STEM be used to augment environmental learning experiences and student collaboration?

5)How can outdoor teaching be used as a forum for shared experience  enhancing learning and student attitudes?

6)How can shared experience create tolerance of cultural diversity, foster empathy and understanding among students?


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