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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

#whatisschool December 1, 2016 6pm EST
What is Good Character?

CharacterCounts.org defines the pillars of good student character as Trustworthiness; Respect; Responsibility; Fairness; Caring; and Citizenship, going on to say that each of the six character traits helps create a positive learning environment for students and a “culture of kindness” making schools a safe environment for students to learn.

While this is true, students do not always come to class with these traits instilled and it falls to the teacher to integrate them into lessons, which is not always an easy task.  So how do we teach good character?

Author and Educator John Holt
John Holt, one of the leading US educational and social critics, was the author of ten influential books that were translated into fourteen languages before his death in the mid 1980s.  In his book, How Children Fail, Holt questions the meaning of good character and it's interpretation by educators saying,

Teachers and schools tend to mistake good behavior for good character. What they prize is docility, suggestibility; the child who will do what he is told; or even better, the child who will do what is wanted without even having to be told. They value most in children what children least value in themselves. Small wonder that their effort to build character is such a failure; they don’t know it when they see it.
Tonight, Laura Hill @candylandcaper and Craig Kemp @mrkempnz invite you to join #whatisschool as we explore the true meaning of  Good Character and strategies to integrate it into lesson plans that are both meaningful and effective to educators already burdened with large class loads, new technology and standardized testing.

#Whatisschool Questions December 1, 2016

1.  How do you define good character?
2.  To what standards of good character do you hold your students, your colleagues?
3.  How can you teach good character?
4. What teaching strategies can you use to integrate “good” character into curriculum areas?
5. What role does technology play in character education?
6. Share your successes, resources and links.