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Monday, September 5, 2016

Kayla and Ava Kindness Heroes

This summer my daughters turned me onto to an amazing charity called Random Acts of Kindness which was founded by TV actor Misha Collins.  Being that my daughters are huge fans of Supernatural and active in the Fandom I wrote asking if there was a way for kids to get involved in their charitable acts and guess what?  Random Acts was just launching a child friendly giving org. called Kindness Heroes.  My daughters are doing a Beta test with Kindness Heroes right now and so far it has been a great experience.  I encourage you to follow Kayla and Ava on their journey and to get your students and families involved in Kindness Heroes when they officially launch (target date) this fall.  Not only will you be doing something great for the community with the students you serve, you will do something amazing for yourself!  There is no greater thing you can do than give of yourself without expecting return.  As my daughters like to say don't sit in the background, get involved!
Kindness Heroes by Kayla and Ava

We have always been a family that volunteers, mostly my Mom but she pushes us to get involved and think of our own projects too.  What we've learned is that everything is accessible and you can really do some humongous things just by taking the first step-like rolling a snowball to make a snowman, good ideas keep getting bigger and bigger.  Below are some of the things we have done with Kindness Heroes, all the ideas we thought up and did in our own time.

1.  We do a lot of hiking in the woods and last week we got caught in a torrential downpour.  Mud filled the paths and we were soaked by the time we got back to our car, so were a lot of other people.  As we were leaving we saw a girl who was stuck, her car was really far away so we picked her up and drove her to town-which was flooded too!  It felt good to give her a lift.

2. Save-A-Pet is always looking for supplies so we asked neighbors to donate paper towels, glass cleaner and pet food then dropped it off at our local shelter-they were very happy we stopped by!

3. The beach by our house is always full of litter which is really annoying since there are garbage cans all around.  We filled a 30 gallon bag in about ten minutes #CarryOutYourTrash

4. My uncle was complaining that he didn't have any good music to listen to so we made him a CD of songs we thought he would like and sent it to him in the mail.  It will make him smile.

5.  We were hiking again and on the way to the woods we saw a lady collapse from the heat.  Mom stopped the car and we gave her water and drove her home and told her neighbor.  Mom saw her the other day walking by the park so we are glad to know that she is OK.

6. A big bunch of trees were cut down by our house so we planted some milkweed there.  Butterflies need milkweed and they are global pollinators so we hope this helps.  

7. We got the idea to start collecting bottles to return, this way we know they are being recycled plus we donated the money at the church, which was fun.

8.  My grandpa had a bad accident and was in the hospital for a couple of months.  We got the idea to make a big banner to surprise him when he came home-he really loved it!.

9.  This year we volunteered two weeks of our summer vacation to help kids at Destination Science camp. It was pretty cool and there was a group we taught to draw, which is something both Kayla and I are really good at.

10.  My mother was growing citronella bushes and was making new ones from the clippings.  Citronella is great for chasing mosquitos away so we gave some bushes away and are growing more to donate to other people.