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Sunday, October 11, 2015

#whatisschool July 16, 2015 Making Community Connections

Making Community Connections

#whatisschool Thursday July 16, 7PM EDT

Gwen Pescatore @gpescatore25
For the last few weeks #whatisschool has been talking about ways to infuse your lessons with technology and open your mind to new ideas, especially new teaching strategies.

This week #whatisschool looks at ways that you can tap into your community, inside school walls, outside where your students live and on a global scale!  

Joining us is classroom connection expert and personal friend @gpescatore25, a leader in parent in edu-conversations at  Community Facilitator Co-host of  () & Marketing Mgr  (Check Gwen out at www.parentschoolpartners.wordpress.com)

Questions #whatisschool 
Thursday July 16, 7PM EDT

1). How have you connected students with their community? 
2) How can students collaborate and learn from others in the scholastic community? 
3) What community resources can you use to enrich lessons, with information, services or technology?  
4) How can you tap into cultural and real world experiences for your students? 
5) How can parents facilitate bringing real world experience into the classroom and getting student driven ideas into the community?