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Thursday, April 30, 2015

Whatisschool April 30, 2015 Diversity

Diversity In Schools, A Problem Or An Opportunity?
#whatisschool April 30, 2015 7PM EDT

Everyday the global community shows up in our classrooms reflected in the material we chose to teach, the technology we use and the student body.  As we educate students to be 21st century leaders and creators  it is easy to see they will be working in a diverse, multicultural, global arena.   So what is diversity anyway?

The belief that knowledge and understanding flourishes best in a climate of sharing through debate dates back to the Socratic tradition, but it is also a part of current global perspectivism.

Diversity can be described in terms of gender, age, sex, race or ethnicity but in the broader sense it refers to a concept that embraces the richness of human differences.  Through dialogue and discovery diversity broadens the learning experience for all students. By engaging in multicultural learning we extend the meaning of personal, social,and moral growth by learning from the unique perspectives of different populations.

Allison in 7/8
French immersion class
This week help me welcome outspoken educator and student voice advocate Allison Fuisz (@allison_fuisz) who will be sharing duties as co-moderator and ambassador of classroom diversity with me.  Allison is a passionate, energetic teacher who is packing a wealth of international experience. She created an authentic co-learning space for her students and fellow teachers where she brainstormed and promoted Ontario’s Students as Researchers (STAR program).  Using integrated technology Allison has opened up the world to her students, making their voice heard and exposing them to diverse cultures while helping them gain the skills they will need to be future change makers.  Make sure you check out her excellent blog The Enthusiastic Learner and give her a big welcome to #whatisschool.

Questions #whatisschool 
April 30 2015, 7PM EDT

1) What are the challenges of a diverse classroom? 
2) How can you use structured classroom activities to highlight diversity? 
3) How can global classrooms and technology increase diversity, awareness in your student body?
4) How can teachers, parents and communities create opportunities for students to experience diversity?
5) What can you do to increase student
voice, empathy, understanding and acceptance of diverse populations?
6) How can embracing diversity in class prepare students to be active members of a global community?

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