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Thursday, April 2, 2015

Whatisschool April 2, 2015

Reflection, A Learning Tool For Life
#whatisschool 7PM EDT April 2, 2015

Do reflection strategies make learning stick? How about when technology is involved? Both the giving and receiving of feedback and useful reflection are habits that can be nurtured in the classroom and used in every aspect of life.  This week #whatisschool takes a look at learning from the student side examining the real meaning of student reflection, how techniques like blogging fit in and ways to connect your class with authentic audiences on the outside.

Questions #whatisschool
7PM EDT April 2, 2015

Q1) How do you define and model authentic reflection for your students?
Q2) What does reflection look like in your classroom, what should it be?
Q3) How can traditional reflection methods use technology to enhance student experience?
Q4) How do you connect your students with an authentic audiences to provide feedback?
Q5) How can reflection heightened self awareness to aid student success in and out of class?
Q6) How can you turn mindful reflection into action that aids global learning?

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