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Thursday, March 5, 2015

Whatisschool March 5, 2015

How will classrooms changing in the future?
#whatisschool, March 5, 2015 6PM EST
Two roads converged in the forest, one well worn, and the other less trodden.  Which path leads to happiness, success, and fulfillment?  Which is full of danger, intrigue, and the unimaginable?  Which one is right, which one is wrong, the answer may surprise you!  This week #whatisschool takes a look at the less traveled path as we re-imagine the future of classrooms.

“Learning happens spontaneously in these purposefully chaotic environments.”- Sugata Mitra

In his school in the cloud Education Scientist Sugata Mitra promotes a methodology of learning driven by “a global community that connects Self-Organised Learning Environments in an organic movement towards a more inclusive, universal education.” While this sounds like a mouthful the basic premise of a SOLE or Self Organized Learning Environment, is to let students collaborate, use the internet and learn in their own style, teaching each other while being gently prodded by an adult mentor.  To accomplish this Mitra combines a new attitude toward designing classrooms and toward teaching methodology. 

As children continue to gain voice and focus their talents at increasingly younger ages on solving real world problems, how will you change your classroom and your mindset?

How will classrooms changing in the future?
Questions #whatisschool, March 5, 2015 6PM EST

Q1)  How would you re-imagine your classroom to create a SOLE learning environment? NT the explanation is in the set up
Q2) What new topics can you imagine teaching in 20 years?
Q3)  How will the classroom environment need to change to teach these topics?
Q4) How does technology fit into your new classroom?
Q5) How does nature and collaborative space fit into your classroom?
Q6) How can you include student voice in growing a futuristic classroom and mindset?

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