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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Whatisschool February 5, 2014

I've been traveling to NYC for weeks working on a marketing campaign with some friends from my past professional life.  While it was awesome to reconnect and play with all the toys the big apple has to offer, it felt even better to be back tonight.  I want to send a big shout out to our permanent alternate moderator Mark Weston @shiftparadigmn for bringing his expertise into play on my behalf theses last few weeks-I owe you big time!  And to my partner in #whatisschool Craig Kemp for holding down the fort in my absence. But most of all I want to send a big shout to you for bringing your great ideas and learning experiences each week. You are superstars!  Archives from tonight's chat are posted below.

Join the #whatisschool conversation
Thursday 5 February at 6pm EST 
(Friday 9am AEST, 12pm NZT, 7am Singapore) 

This week at #whatisschool we are moving into a more practical zone as we discuss Learning Management Systems. Learning Management Systems, or LMS, are a critical elementof all education environments and schools around the world are coming to grips with the best ones to suit their unique needs. Information about choosing the right LMS for your school is high on the list of MUST HAVE items and was one of the many suggested topics we received from passionate educators. 

Questions For #Whatisschool 
Thursday February 5, 6PM EST

1) What virtual learning management systems (LMS) are you using in your school?
2) In your opinion, why are LMS’s important in educational environments?
3) What makes a great LMS? What do you need?
4) How are virtual LMS’s enhancing teaching and learning?
5) What other software/apps are you using with LMS’s? Are you integrating Google Apps?
6) Share your favourite LMS readings, articles, experts, links or ideas …


Laura Hill is an author best know for helping adults and children get their ideas into the world. Her past life as a TV producer and artist and her passion for education, fanned by experiences in her own daughter's education have led her to crusade for critical examination of skill sets and methodologies that can make today's school even better for students, teachers and parents. 

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