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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Whatisschool October 2, 2014

#WhatIsSchool Is Connected For Learning!
Thursday, October 2, 2014 7PM

What makes parents tick? Get students engaged? Helps teachers foster learning and keeps administrators informed? 

Simple communication that used to be accomplished by a conversation, phone call or meeting isn’t so  simple anymore. As we speed into the digital age parents, students, teachers and administrators have more choices on how to connect than ever before…and in some cases it is making them more disconnect than they ever were!  Join us as #whatisschool celebrates connected educator month by exploring the best, and the worst ways to connect with stakeholders, peers and the ones who rely on you most, your students. 

In our special connected edition of #whatisschool Gold Star innovator Mark Weston and AussieEd founder Brett Salakas will be bringing their expertise and powerhouse connecting skills as guest co-moderators of this week’s #whatisschool chat.  Don’t miss it!

Questions for #whatisschool Thursday, October 2, 7PM EST

1) Communication in a digital age is the most important skill students can learn for success, how can you foster and model these skills?

2) In what ways do you let your students tell their story in the scholastic community and the digital arena?

3) How can students build their communication skills through real life experience tied into the curriculum, will this help them succeed?

4) What benefit does real world feedback provide to students, teachers?

5) How can communication be re-imagined to create beneficial opportunities in the classroom?

6) As a connected community, what tools can we bring to the classroom to best serve each other, parents, administrators and students? 
Mark Weston
Brett Salakas

Co-moderated by children's book author and education thought leader Laura Hill @candylandcaper and international educator Craig Kemp @Mrkempnz  Please contact either of us with your questions and ideas, we'd love to hear from you!

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