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Monday, April 24, 2017

A Big Idea From A Young Author

Ava, co-author
The Great Story World Mix-U
Before school ended, my class helped release a seal that had been injured near our harbor over the winter. She was found dehydrated by some people walking on the beach who called a rescue and research group close by. 

The scientists that rehabilitated the seal said she was dehydrated and that meant she hadn't been able to get enough to eat. It could be because of the cold winter we had or because there are not enough open areas for fish to breed. She also had a big cut on her shoulder that looked like it was caused by a motorboat propeller.  

PJ Liberty, Seal Realease
But now she is perfect again and was so happy to be back at the beach! When the scientist opened the box they transported her in she wiggled out onto the sand, then used her front flippers to pull herself into the surf. We all cheered, it was so cool.  The scientists will be able to track our seal as she swims though the harbor and into the Atlantic Ocean. They said that was good because it would help them to understand where the seals are and their migration habits.

3rd Graders clean the beach

Afterwards, my whole grade stayed for an hour to clean up the beach. We wore gloves to protect our hands. At first we didn't see much of anything. But as we started looking closely we realized there was garbage everywhere! Me and five other friends picked up 30 lbs of garbage all by ourselves!  I think the people sitting on the beach were pretty surprised. With all the classes combined we picked up almost 75lbs of trash-that’s a lot of garbage!

It’s really important to set a little bit of time aside to help clean up the place where you live. That’s what it means to be part of a community.  It doesn't take a lot of effort really, just find something you like to do and get your friends to help.  You'd be surprised at the amount of people who will support you.

Scientist weigh the garbage
This year my sister, my mom and I received a silver presidential volunteer award.  Mom volunteers a lot at the school and on the library board and we got to pick some ways to make a difference that were important to us. One thing we did was make duct tape dog bone bags and art that we sold at the park. We raised over $35 and donated it Save-A-Pet.  You don't have to have a huge idea to make a difference. If everyone did just a little bit communities would be much better off and people would feel much more connected...and that’s a really Big Idea.



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