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Thursday, June 26, 2014

Whatisschool June 26, 2014

Thank You for another rousing #Whatisschool

As I reflect on the comments that whizzed past at lightning speed tonight, expressions and ideas about what school should be, what it could be; I was struck with a thought.  While it is great to talk about what we want to do, we need to set in motion a way to aid each other in actualizing our ideas.   We have a great opportunity to pump up our lesson plans and create something that could set in motion change for your whole school, student body and community.  This week I’d like to challenge you to think about an “I can” project for your class. It could be a huge project like my “Just Be You” PBL that explores talents and collaboration, or something as simple as using tech to enhance your weakest lesson plan.  Lets make it a summer project we will try out in the fall. Bring your ideas and be ready to collaborate with your peers as we shape the future in a way that is good for students, parents and teachers; creating a culture of leadership and exploration with out fear, together. -Laura

The Archive of tonight's chat (June 26) can be found below

How Will You Teach In The Future?

In the future, it's predicted that 65% of the today’s students will end up doing jobs that haven’t been created yet.  How can we determine what skills will be relevant to a workforce whose purpose has yet to be defined?  Join guest moderator Mark Weston @shiftpardigm and me, Laura Hill @candylandcaper,  this Thursday, June 26, 7PM EDT as we discuss #whatisschool with hundreds of educators and concerned people around the world.  

Meet ten-year-old robotics whiz Celine Roumani; how will you teach her?

Questions for this week's chat #whatisschool Thursday, June 26 7PM EDT are posted below.

Q1) We’ve been spending some time talking about what school is, tonight I’d like to ask what do think school should be?
Q2) What is one thing you would do to change how your school teaches?

Q3) The “I can” bug enabled teachers to motivate students and whole cities, what would your “I can” class be like?

Q4) What is a project you’d like to start at your school that would create change?

Q5) How would technology enable your project to reach students, teachers and parents around the world?

Q6) If you could create the school of your dreams what would it be?

Q7) What is one thing you would like to work on this summer that would change school next fall?

Join the conversation, re-imagine what school can be for students who will reinvent the world.

Guest moderator Mark Weston Ph.D. has spent the past 36 years working to enhance education by advising heads of state and civic leaders about education, information and communications technology (ICT), and public policy strategies in 13 countries, 42 state legislatures, and for the United States Congress. He has also served as the global education strategist for Dell Inc., and was the senior national manager for Strategic Educational Initiatives for Apple Computer.  Mark is co-author of The Learning Edge, What Technology Can Do To Educate All Children.

Archive of #whatisschool June 26, 2014

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