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Thursday, June 19, 2014

Whatisschool June 19, 2014

Thank You!
For making this week's chat #whatisschool an inspiration and a roaring success.

Tonight, I was once again impressed by the amazing ideas and dedication of our global teaching community. You are a powerful and awesome force that has the best interests of our children at heart-that much is evident. But tonight I noticed something more, and as I reflect on our chat I think my idea will clarify.  Because what I saw tonight was a group of people who were capable of taking the reins in education and steering it down a path that would foster a generation of students who could work and think together without bias, just like we did tonight.  I can only image the creations that would come from a society that builds on talents, respect, understanding and trust.  The transcript of tonight's chat is embedded below.  New questions will be posted here at the top of the week. Please invite any you know who would enjoy being part of #whatisschool, Thursdays at 7pm, all are welcome.  And please, DM Craig @mrkempnz and I, Laura Hill @candylandcaper with your thoughts and ideas, we would love to hear them.

How are you reimagining your school?

Today, educators around the world are changing their schools, transforming halls of repetition based learning into centers for great ideas and action. In India, educator Kiran Bir Sethi used two little words, "I can," to create a contagious desire in her students to change their world.  This idea resulted in the the infection of the "I can bug" in hundreds of thousands of students across India.  Your actions today can creating the type of school that sparks curiosity, creates an insatiable desire for learning and nurtures thinkers and doers whose great ideas will change the world.

How are you changing your school? How would you like it to change? What could your students accomplish if they were given a chance?

Join us Thursday, June 19, 7pm EST as we discuss What Is School? #whatisschool

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The questions for this week's discussion are below:

Q1) If someone asked you, "What is school," what would you say? 

Q2) Every school is unique, what makes your school unique? Why?

Q3) If you could change one thing about school what would it be?

Q4) What is your biggest roadblock to change or should school not change at all?

Q5) What is the most crucial skill teachers need today?

Q6) If you could create the school of your dreams, what would it be like?

Q7) What is your 'takeaway' from today's chat? What are you going away to talk about?

Co-moderated by children's book author and edu speaker Laura Hill @candylandcaper and international educator Craig Kemp @Mrkempnz  Please contact either of us with your questions and ideas, we'd love to hear from you!


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