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Saturday, March 1, 2014

You Should Read These Books

This book is so full of sweet surprises you’ll want it for breakfast, lunch and dinner. -Laura Hill

What makes Great Story World Mix-Ups, great!

I am selling the Great Candy Land Caper and the other (6) Great Story World Mix-Up books to a swell market of first and second graders as well as a super group of kindergarten and third graders who are discovering chapter books.  These kids want a great read that is fun, full of surprises, adventures and easy to relate to.  And because children don’t have credit cards, at least mine don’t, I am also reaching out to their parents. 

Parents love these GSWMU books because they help their children succeed, excelling as early readers.  So buy these books and your children will read.  Why?  Because these books are fun! The characters are cool and not too cartoony.  They show children how to use their talents to get things done and introduce them to ideas they may not have considered. 

I also sell a lot of books to teachers because for them, GSWMU books hold special appeal. Let's face it teaching is a mixed bag.  I mean, what do you offer a kindergartener whose reading on a 1st grade level?  Or a class whose reading and comprehension abilities span from level A to Z?  How do you satisfy the core curriculum without forcing non-fiction down students's throats?  You use these books!  The subject matter and reading level are targeted to grades 1-2 but hold a lot of appeal for K & 3.  The secret is in the blending of fiction and non-fiction, magic and science, which gets students interested in non-fiction topics and new literary genres.  Companion books allow children to dive deeper into topics of interest.  And anything that makes learning easy, fun and more effective is good for the teachers and for the students, am I right?

My secret weapon, shhhh....

It’s really no secret at all that my co-authors are the ones who bring the ideas that children love to these pages in exciting new ways I could never dream up.  How, you might ask?  They have a secret weapon of their own.  My co-authors ARE the target market.  And who would know what kids like more than other kids.

So take a look around, read a sample or two, then buy these books.  
You will love them and your children will too.  Have fun, Laura

For more about GSWMU, teacher resources, and my co-author kids visit www.gswmu.com

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