"We are living a public life on a global stage, the ones who can express themselves best, will be heard." -Laura Hill Timpanaro, Artist, Author, Educator

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Writing for 21st Century Communication #whatisschool Thursday October 22, 7PM EDT

Ava speaking to students about writing 

 Writing for 21st Century Communication
#whatisschool Thursday October 22, 7PM EDT

As we transition from an industrial era to a communication age driven by technology it becomes evident that those who can communicate best will be heard.  So how do we teach our students to be great writers and great communicators?

Kayla talking about illustrating
This week #whatisschool explores a topic near and dear to my heart, helping students find ways to make themselves heard.  From student assemblies to district wide workshops throughout the U.S. my daughters, who co-author the Great Story World Mix-up book series with me, and I have helped thousands of students improve their writing skills and the way they get their messages out of their head and into the world.  Now we want to hear from you!

Join author, literacy specialist and co-founder of #readforfun and @EdCampTampaBay@JenWilliamsEdu and me @candylandcaper this week at #whatisschool  as we explore new ideas and tried and true ways to make students better writers and better communicators.

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Questions #whatisschool 
Thursday October 22, 7PM EDT

1) What prompts or modeling do you use to get students excited about writing?
2) How can you use or create shared experience for students to write about?
3) What methods, PBL, flipped writing or other ideas have helped you motivate student writers?
4) How can you help students publish work and get feedback from authentic audiences?
5) What digital platforms or technology have you used to improve students writing and communication skills?
6) How do you help reluctant writers organize their thoughts and get inspired to be great communicators?

The Great Story World Mix-Up on TV
Communication is the basis of sharing all great ideas whether you're jotting down a football play, a TV show, a great new recipe or pitching an invention.  I found this out first hand when I spent 20 years as a writer, producer and director in the NYC TV creating documentaries and Fortune 500 on-air promotions.  When my daughters were born I started writing books and speaking to students, helping them develop skills to make them confident communicators in any medium.  I've written on the subject of writing extensively and have provided links to some great articles below.

Hope you can join us this week #whatisschool , times are listed below, spread the word!
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